Trevor Coleman - Composer / Musician

Trevor Coleman  -  Composer / Musician

Trevor Coleman, 3 times Emmy Award nominated composer, lives and works from his beach house studio in southern New Zealand, where he has composed and produced close to 100 soundtracks since 2000.

His clients range from NHK in Japan to Discovery and National Geographic in the USA; to companies in Europe, Brazil and Australasia. His orchestral/electronic film score for the multi-award winning Equator series, is one example of his music that has earned him international acclaim.

Finding inspiration in diversity, he is a member of a new generation of eclectic composers who is fluent in the languages of jazz, classical, contemporary, electronic and world music, often described as refreshingly unique.

Explore the site, especially the polycycles and music pages, to discover the rich world of sound and experience that Trevor Coleman has to offer.


Trevor Coleman



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