This page contains mainly film music from 2000 until 2004.
See the "Music I, III & IV" pages for plenty more.

All compositions © by Trevor Coleman,  GEMA # 786146

Contact me regards music licensing at a fee appropriate to your budget and needs.

 Some video clips can be viewed here

2004 -

Fragilization (electronica)

Animal Face Off (metal&orchestral)

2003 -

Pan Dan Ursery (playful and dramatic with a chinese flavouring)

Spinner Dolphins (Brazilian flavour)

Nature Fights Back (Russian, Indian and Indonesian flavour)

2002 -

Naughty By Nature (mostly funk, jazz & cartoon music)

Tarsier  (Philippines flavour)

Hot Science  (drum n bass & electronica)

Yukon Quest  (Irish & 1st Nations flavour)

2001 - 

Forgotten Oases   (Brazilian & New Age flavour)

Survivors   (Malaysian flavour rescue music)



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