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Composition ProjectsRecent recordings:

Promoting a trilogy of CDs based on the polycyclic work of my now completed Doctor of Musical Arts. 


PolyKarma  (polycyclic contemporary classical)
PolyNation  (polycyclic jazz)
One Moment  (polycyclic world music)

Testimonials about 'Polycyclic Comprovisation' (DMA thesis title) from the examiners:

"His exploration of the application of polymetric frameworks within the three chosen genres has resulted in the creation of imaginative and unique works which belie the complexity of the theory behind them. They are engaging and intriguing, often beautiful, often exciting: he has not ever sacrificed the music for the sake of dogmatic adherence to theory or method, which is a testament both to his mastery of the Craft of composition and his musical intuition."
-Overseas examiner

"...the overriding impression was of many cycles orbiting one another in a deliciously untethered (vis a vis rhythm) manner. In these instances I really did have a sense that Mr Coleman’s work offered new insights."
-New Zealand examiner


Don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in custom composed music for your film or multimedia project. Alternatively, I can provide pre-composed music for virtually any situation from my own extensive music library at affordable rates. Let's discuss it!

(from an email)
Hello Trevor!

I've just seen a film called Equator, from 2005...on Swedish television. A fantastic, well balansed piece of art... its photography, the teller's voice and of course... YOUR MUSIC!!!! I LOVED IT, its sensibility and expresivity are beyond all filmmusic I've listened to before (I am a filmcritic even though I do not work as such at the moment), when it comes to interpret the biggest drama: Nature.
THANKS SO VERY MUCH for the pleasure!

I'am a Chilean citizen, living in Sweden who once lived in New Zealand for a couple of years. I' ve been in Dunedin allright!

Best wishes and lots of inspiration for the coming year...s!

(from youtube)


Wow, this guy missed his calling as a film maker...simple, beautiful, touching and to the point...sit through all 6 parts....if you dont "get" this film, then you wont "get" Cuba. if you are thinking of visiting this is a must see !


Cuban Pete´╗┐

"Hey! I stumbled upon your papers and video on - wow, really interesting and compelling writing and production man...the sound is captivating and I really love the way you explain the nerdy stuff so calmly... " Scott Healy




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